Posted by: Laura Carter | December 8, 2013

My New Bike


Here is a picture of my new bike. I’m so grateful to my brother for helping select the perfect bike for me, and excited to have a new exercise adventure.

However, as usual, nothing is ever as simple as I envision, or wish it to be.

Hubby was having trouble assembling the bike, so I asked him to please help me take it to a bike shop for a final tune up. This he took as a direct assault on his manhood.

But, we go to a shop, $30 later it seems to be in perfect, safe shape. Only it’s not. The seat still wobbles back and forth when I get on it. Now I beg hubby to help me tighten the bolts so I can get on, and actually ride the bike around and get used to it. Sigh! Of course, it’s pretty cold right now to ride, But I’m going to try!

I’m sure it will be all be good in the end (ha-ha), and I’ll be pedaling through the neighborhood, wind in my hair just like when I was a girl.

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  1. We both love the bike.

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